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Epicor ECC Support03/08/2018Jesse FelixMeetingECC Support Quarterly Review (Bensalem)4.00
Epicor ECC Support03/08/2018Jesse FelixManagementTravel from PHL to LAX (Quarterly Review)5.00
Epicor ECC Support03/07/2018Jesse FelixMeetingECC Support Quarterly Review (Bensalem)5.00
Epicor ECC Support03/06/2018Jesse FelixManagementTravel from LAX to PHL (Quarterly Review)5.00
Epicor ECC Support03/01/2018Liang ChenTestingEpicare CS0000811524. Checkout process speed analysis2.00
Epicor ECC Support03/01/2018Liang ChenTestingEpicare CS0000782869, fixed reindex error2.00
Epicor ECC Support03/01/2018Jesse FelixMeetingECC Support Management0.50
Epicor ECC Support02/09/2018Jesse FelixMeetingWeekly ECC Knowledge Transfer1.00
Epicor ECC Support02/08/2018Jesse FelixMeetingECC Support Management0.50


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